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Pininfarina Isn’t Messing Around, Unveils Two More Concept Models With HKG

The K550 and K750 crossover concepts are bowing at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show

Apparently, being under new ownership has breathed some new life to Pininfarina. Long regarded as one of the best auto design houses in the business, the Italian company has since ratcheted up its concept production with a pair of new concepts for its new automotive BFF, Chinese company Hybrid Kinetic Group. It wasn’t that long ago that the two companies joined together to present the H600 sedan, which debuted at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Now we’re seeing two more concepts, the K550 and the K750.

Presented at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, both the K550 and the K750 join the H600 in what could turn into an impressive electric vehicle lineup for the fledgling HKG brand. The two-row, five-seater K550, in particular, is presented as a five-seat crossover concept powered by an electric powertrain that itself is being developed by HKG. The same goes for the much larger K750, which rides taller and longer than its counterpart, thanks in part to having three rows of seating that can accommodate up to seven people. Both models aren’t expected to arrive anytime soon, but like the H600, there appears to be some optimism coming from both Pininfarina and HKG that we’ll end up seeing these models hit the road in production guise soon.

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2017 Pininfarina Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo

A dream concept could turn to reality really soon

Like most supercar brands that are starting off from scratch, Emerson Fittipaldi’s Pininfarina Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo suffers from not having the foundation that other supercar models from more established brands have. The car looks good on paper, but a model’s success isn’t determined on the parcel from which it’s drawn on or even on a full-bodied prototype that debuts at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The good news is that Fittipaldi Motors - the company started by the former F1 world champion - actually has plans to bring the EF7 to life.

The road to seeing the EF7 is going to be a long and difficult one to navigate. That’s usually what awaits start-ups who try to bring their works to the forefront. But Fittipaldi does have a few things on its side too, not the least of which is the drive and dedication to see the EF7 evolve into the production supercar he’s always envisioned it to be. He also has partners in the fold to help him get his project off the ground, including Pininfarina, whose work on the car’s design is immediately recognizable, and HWA AG, an AMG spinoff that prepares German touring cars.

The objective is clear, even if the execution is far from. Ultimately, Fittipaldi plans to build 39 units of the EF7, a number that’s tied into the number of races the 70-year old driver won during his long and illustrious career in both Formula One and Indycar.

Easier said than done, right? Well, we’re definitely rooting for the company to prove its skeptics wrong. It’d be nice to see a project car like the EF7 realize its full potential.

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The List Of Competitors Lining Up To Take On Tesla Continues To Grow

Now you can add the Hybrid Kinetic and its Pininfarina-penned H600 to that list

The term “Chinese money” is being thrown around a lot these days as it relates to startup electric car manufacturers. Some like Faraday Future are already teetering to the point of collapse while others like Lucid Motors are still on the right side of the fence. Then there’s Hybrid Kinetic, a company not many of us here in the West have heard of but recently made headlines due to its attendance at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Remember the Pininfarina-designed H600 Concept that we saw in Geneva? Well, that’s Hybrid Kinetic’s concept vehicle and according to the company, it won’t be a concept for too long.

HK board member Carter Yeung recently made the proclamation to Automotive News about the concept’s future as a production model, before adding a few nuggets of information regarding the future of the car. According to Yeung, the production model of the H600 will be largely based - around 85 to 90 percent - on the concept that we saw in Geneva from a purely aesthetic point of view. It’s also going to feature electric motors, which will combine to produce as much as 804 horsepower through a battery pack that can be recharged even as the car is on-the-move, all thanks to micro turbine range extender that the company is developing.

And if any of those items aren’t ambitious enough, Yeung also added that Hybrid Kinetic has a long-term goal of building “well over” 200,000 vehicles per year within five to 10 years. Can’t say that the company isn’t short-changing us on its promises, can you?

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2017 Pininfarina H600

Pininfarina’s latest is ready to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show

Pininfarina was once the coachbuilder of coachbuilders and over the years has designed some of the most beautiful cars the world has to offer. The design house has worked with greats like Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati. But, it’s also done work for Chery, Changfeng, and even Hyundai. At the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, Pininfarina is set to display its latest concept, the H600 00 a luxury sedan that’s said to offer the “perfect combination of pure design and eco-friendly technology.” Designed for Hybrid Kinetic Group, the few teaser images we have showcased a sporty and aggressive exterior that is sure to be on point with other Pininfarina designs to go with an interior that’s technologically advanced and fitted with the finest materials available.

Of course, at this point, there’s very little to go by as Pininfarina is waiting until Geneva kicks off on March 7th to spill all of the beans. But, it’s released enough shots to give us a somewhat accurate idea of what we can expect. Of course, we’re talking about Pininfarina here, so it’s far from likely that it will disappoint or not draw a huge crowd at one of the world’s greatest auto shows. So, with that said, let’s take a good look at the few photos we have and talk a little more about it before it makes its debut.

Emerson Fittipaldi Is Now Building A Supercar

Partnership with Pininfarina and HWA could give birth to the Fittipaldi EF7 Vision by Pininfarina

Motor racing fans remember Emerson Fittipaldi as one of only a handful of racers to win the Indianapolis 500 and the Formula One world championship. At 70 years old, Fittipaldi still races occasionally, but today, the two-time F1 title-holder is in the news for an entirely different reason, one that specifically involves the creation of a supercar under the brand name Fittipaldi Motors.

Yes, the great Brazilian racer is dipping his toes in auto production where he’ll receive help from no less than iconic Italian design house Pininfarina and German engineering firm HWA to build a supercar that’s been christened the “Fittipaldi EF7 Vision by Pininfarina.”

Not much is known about the EF7 Vision at this point but the supercar is expected to make its debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show this coming March. In preparation for that highly anticipated event, Fittipaldi Motors has released the first teaser image of the EF7 and not surprisingly for a car that we all know little about, the image doesn’t show us anything other than a small look at one of its rear quarter panels. That said, the image does hint at something you rarely see in the auto industry these days: a carbon split rear spoiler. The muscular shoulder of the EF7 also serves as a nice preview of what’s to come while the cockpit-style roof possibly indicates a non-traditional interior layout.

We’re admittedly shooting from the hip with all of these observations so take all of it with a pinch of salt, at least until we hear more details about the supercar ahead of its March 2017 debut in Geneva. For now, digest what you can of the EF7’s teaser image and hope that it turns into the kind of production-ready supercar that enthusiasts and neophytes will come to appreciate.

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Pininfarina to Produce and Sell 10 Examples of the H2 Speed Concept

Powered by hydrogen, made for “gentleman drivers”

Between Hellcat-munching Teslas and 1,000-horsepower monsters raging up Pikes Peak, it seems as though all-electric power is truly coming into its own. But this is 2016, folks, and technology moves quickly, so what’s the next big thing when it comes to four-wheeled performance? A lot of people are putting their money on hydrogen, including Pininfarina. You see, the famous Italian car designer says its making 10 examples of its hydrogen-powered H2 race car, and we could see a working prototype as early as next year.

That’s the word from Automotive News, which had a chat with Pininfarina’s CEO, Silvio Pietro Angori, at the recent Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

In case you were unaware, Pininfarina introduced the H2 as a concept at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. The car is absolutely ridiculous in pretty much every single way – not only does it look like a spaceship, but it also uses a hydrogen-fueled powertrain from GreenGT that pumps out 503 horsepower at the rear wheels by way of two high-performance electric motors (plus a little electrochemical magic). With that kind of output, the car can supposedly hit the 60 mph mark is just 3.4 seconds, raging on to a top speed of 184 mph.

Each of the ten examples slated for production will cost $2.5 million.

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Pininfarina Could Offer Electric Sports Car

Now owned by Mahindra, the design and drivetrain possibilities are endless

It was just last December that we announced the official acquisition of Pininfarina by Tech Mahindra Limited and Mahindra & Mahindra. Only a few months later, Pininfarina showed up at the Geneva Auto Show with the 2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed, and more recently, Mahindra Racing and Pininfarina announced some Formula E concept designs. As you can see, the Mahindra group has been working pretty quickly to take advantage of having Pininfarina under its wing, and now, it looks like Pininfarina is on a mission to develop an all-electric sports car.

As of the time of this writing, details are rather scant, but sources are indicating that something big is in the works. Considering the fact that Mahindra is already well involved in Formula E, and Pininfarina is such an amazing design house, the car is sure to bring the best of both worlds – design and e-power – to the table. Mahindra boss, Pravin Shah, said, “Design plays a critical part in designing vehicles in such a way that they are robust yet pollute the least while giving you the thrill that people want in vehicles.”

So far, we’re looking toward the H2 Speed concept as a potential starting point for this future electric sports car. That car didn’t exactly have all the flare that Pininfarina designs normally have, but we expect the all-electric sports car to be more in line with the brand’s previous designs. For now, little is known, but with news like this coming forward now it would be a crime if more information didn’t come to light in the near future. Who knows, maybe Pininfarina will be able to turn a profit in the next five years now that it is under new ownership.

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Mahindra Racing And Pininfarina Release Formula E Concept Designs

The first Pininfarina designs since the Mahindra buyout

In December 2015, Indian automaker Mahindra announced that it had bought a controlling stake in Pininfarina, one of the most revered automotive design house in the world. The unlikely partnership cause some concern, as many enthusiasts wondered what will actually happen with the Italian firm under Indian ownership. Several months have passed since the purchase and the first result of the new cooperation surfaced the Internet in the form of futuristic Formula E designs.

For those who aren’t familiar with the racing series, Mahindra Racing took part in the inaugural Formula E season in 2014-2015 and returned for a new campaign in 2015-2016. While the first season was restricted to identical chassis and powertrains, for the second season the FIA allowed manufacturers to develop their own electric motors and gearboxes. Private designs aren’t yet allowed, but Mahindra decided to look into the future and create three separate design for when the series will open up once again.

Designed together with Pininfarina, the virtual concepts are very futuristic compared to current Formula E cars. All three propose carbon-fiber bodies and radical aerodynamics, and two of them feature closed cockpits. Mahindra even went as far as to equip a concept with enclosed front wheels and a transparent fin, while removing the rear wing altogether. The No. 23 car is also missing a rear wing, while employing a flat fin and IndyCar-style side pods. It would be interesting to see how these designs actually work from an aerodynamic standpoint, but for the time being it seems that they were made to put the new Mahindra-Pininfarina collaboration in the spotlight.

“Mahindra is a pioneer of EV technology that is always striving to push the boundaries of this exciting new form of mobility. Our participation in the Formula E championship gives us yet another platform to co-create the Future of Mobility. While these innovative designs are a creative project at this stage, I would be thrilled to see the M5Electro look like this," said Anand Mahindra, chairman of the Mahindra Group.

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2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed

Italian design house makes a surprising reveal at Geneva

Remember when Pininfarina presented the Sergio Concept at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show? Seems like ages ago, right? In truth, it’s only been three years and the Italian coach builder is known for some of the most memorable concept vehicles we’ve seen in Geneva. Back in 2010, it even celebrated its 80th anniversary by rolling out the 2uettottanta Concept. That was a good one too. I’m being a little nostalgic about this because Pininfarina’s latest Geneva offering is the H2 Speed, a hydrogen-powered race car. Wait, what?

To be fair, the H2 Speed does look like something Pininfarina would build. It’s got all the sexy lines that we’ve come to expect from the design house. It even tapped GreenGT to supply the hydrogen powertrain. Clearly, the people behind this concept did their due diligence on this one and by and large, it offers an impressive peek into what the race cars of the future could potentially look like.

But it’s not the Sergio Concept. It’s not the 2uettottanta. It’s not even the Cambiano that the Pininfarina showcased at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Maybe I’m just spoiled by what the company has done in previous years that I expected something entirely different than what we were all given. Maybe it’s got something to do with Mahindra’s recent acquisition of the company. Whatever the case may be, I don’t think people went to Geneva expecting to see this from Pininfarina. Not after what it’s done in the past.

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The Mahindra Group, through its subsidiaries Tech Mahindra Limited and Mahindra & Mahindra, has just finalized a deal to secure a controlling stake in Pininfarina S.p.A., considered as one of the most revered automotive and industrial design houses in the world. Financial aspects of the deal have yet to be disclosed, but according to a statement released by the Indian conglomerate, Tech Mahindra and M&M will receive 76.06 percent of Pininfarina shares from incumbent shareholder PincarS.r.l. at a price of € 1.1 per share. The transaction and subsequent transferring of shares will be received by “JVCo”, a joint venture company between Tech Mahindra Mahindra and M&M. 60 percent of the new company will be owned by Tech Mahindra with the remaining 40 percent going to M&M.

Once the transaction is completed, an open offer for the remaining ordinary shares of Pininfarina will commence. The open offer will come at the same purchase price paid for the shares that are held by Pincar. Likewise, a rights issue to infuse funds into the company is also expected to take place by the end of 2016.

The deal to acquire controlling interest in Pininfarina may seem odd on the surface given the different markets the companies are in. But such is the case in business. We’ve seen something happen like this before and we’ll see it again. For Tech Mahindra, being in the fold allows it to tap into the iconic Italian designer’s expertise in product conceptualization, as well as its design and outfits, which is regarded as one of the best in the world. Pininfarinar’s long-standing relationships with some of the finest marquees in the auto industry also gives Tech Mahindra a new avenue to pursue in the event it decides to embark on that possibility.

Despite ceding a majority of its shares to Tech Mahindra and M&M, Pininfarina will continue to operate as its own company. It’s listing at the Milan Stock Exchange will also remain active and the company’s management team, led by chairman Paolo Pininfarina, will continue to serve in its capacity.

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